Jun 17, 2018  
CSU Maritime Academy 2015/16-2016/17 Catalog 
CSU Maritime Academy 2015/16-2016/17 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Admissions Practices

Please be advised that the most current admissions practices can be found online at: http://www.csum.edu/web/admissions/admissions-process

Cal Maritime is fully committed to enrolling a diverse student body. Requirements for admissions are in accordance with Title 5, Chapter 1, Subchapter 3 of the California Code of Regulations. If you are unsure of these requirements, consult a high school or community college counselor or the Office of Admissions. Complete information is also available at: www.csumentor.edu/planning/

Cal Maritime accepts new students only for the fall semester. It is best to apply for admission during the priority CSU filing dates-October 1 through November 30-prior to the year in which you choose to enroll. (See The California State University  section for additional CSU Admissions information.)

Cal Maritime may continue to accept applications for non-impacted degree programs after November 30 until programs are full. New students must declare a major at the time of application.

As an institution with a specialized mission, Cal Maritime abides by special provisions of the United States Maritime Administration, endorsed by the California State University. These provisions authorize Cal Maritime to use admissions criteria that are above CSU requirements in any program. These additional criteria may include high school GPA and coursework, extracurricular activities, leadership, character, and college entrance examination scores. Currently, additional criteria are only used for impacted programs.

Enrollment criteria for admitted students will also include requirements made by the U.S. Coast Guard for maritime academies, and the unique requirements of mandatory international travel, especially on the school’s training ship. These factors are health, a record free of criminal offense and, for students seeking licenses, U.S. citizenship. All students must be able to obtain a passport, either from the United States or from their home country with a U.S. student visa.

If you need assistance in determining your eligibility, ask your high school or community college transfer counselor, visit www.csumentor.edu, or consult the Cal Maritime Office of Admissions.