Oct 01, 2022  
CSU Maritime Academy 2020-2021 
CSU Maritime Academy 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EGL 300 - Advanced Writing

Class Hours: 3, Units: 3
Prerequisite(s): EGL 100 , Junior Class Standing
A writing proficiency course for students who do not pass the Graduate Writing Examination (GWE). Students must master four basic essay types and achieve a good grasp of mechanics, coherence, completeness and unity of thought in their writing. They are also taught to plan, organize, and proofread their writing, as well as arrange information in ways conducive to the promotion of good communication. By the end of the course, they are expected to have a thorough grasp of the grammatical, lexical and syntactical aspects of English and to write in a manner consistent with college graduation requirements, focusing on clarity, insightfulness and development of concepts.