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    CSU Maritime Academy
  Jan 21, 2018
CSU Maritime Academy 2017/18 Academic Catalog

Department of Sciences and Mathematics

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Jaya Punglia; Cynthia Trevisan (Chair)

Associate Professors:
Taiyo Inoue; Alexander Parker; Steven Runyon; Frank Yip

Assistant Professors:
Nelson Coates; Matthew Fairbanks; Abigail Higgins; Brent Pohlmann; Julie Simons

Olga Gutkina; Tracey Johnson; Ali Moradmand; JoAnne Strickland

Professor Emeriti:
Lloyd Kitazono; Carl L. Mampaey; James Wheeler

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Sciences and Mathematics is the advancement of knowledge in sciences and mathematics. To further this goal, we teach our students the principles necessary for sophisticated scientific and quantitative reasoning, and we engage in scholarly research to inspire our students and advance our knowledge of the natural world.

In our increasingly complex world, a genuine understanding of science and mathematics is required to engage humanity’s biggest problems and progress toward our most profound objectives.  To these ends, we focus on empowering students with knowledge and strengthening the global intellectual community.


    ChemistryComputingMarine ScienceMathematicsPhysics

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