May 18, 2024  
CSU Maritime Academy 2023-2024 Catalog 
CSU Maritime Academy 2023-2024 Catalog

ET 400 - Instrumentation and Measurement

Class Hours: 3, Units: 3
Prerequisite(s): ET 370 , ET 370L  
Co-requisite(s): ET 400L  
A study of instrumentation devices and their uses in monitoring processes. Instrumentation used for measuring temperature, pressure, level, flow, position and motion as well as other types of analytical measurement are studied. In addition to instrumentation, the principles of signal conditioning are also studied including op-amp applications, filtering, applications to pneumatic systems, and digital signal conditioning. Concludes with a study of how instrumentation relates to modern data acquisition systems; how to optimize measurements and effectively analyze measured signals. Laboratory applications are investigated concurrently with course topics.